The Photon is very compact in sizing but highly efficient. With lean fast rocker, powered up concaves and fine tuned custom Shuler Quad Fins, don’t be fooled by the outline, its not a retro but an extremely cutting edge progressive design. Its powerfully responsive and fast at all points of acceleration, from the bottom end all the way through to the top end and changes directions

with crackling quickness, whether in weak or powered, thigh high to slightly overhead surf! The Photon provides easy wave catching and even though best suited for intermediates or better, custom Photons are available for all surfers of any size or ability. Pictured Photons are about 5’7” x  20.75”, varying for surfers weighing 145 to 175, depending on ability and strength of surf.

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years of leading
 surfboard innovation

Since beginning to surf fifty years ago at the age of seven, Shuler knew that a board was only as good as it’s match for a specific combination of wave conditions and the surfer who rides it. If you want a board that is literally guaranteed to fulfill your very own personal surfing, Lanny will work with you to design your best possible board performance!

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If one of our shops may not have the optimal Shuler board for you in stock, they can arrange a personal consultation for you with Lanny to help pinpoint your selection or to take an order for your own custom Shuler board.

For more information on a Shuler custom, call our shop at 503-738-7651

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