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new boards     .     used boards     .      art       .     consultancy      .      seminars      .     tutorials / apprenticeship      .     surfboards by surfers   

Having shaped professionally since the age of seventeen, in 1971 Lanny Shuler left the mainstream surfing populace and surfboard industry of California and Hawaii for the secluded surf of the Oregon coast. Shuler found he could develop and test his prototype board designs more effectively in the consistent, high-performance waves of the Pacific Northwest.

A shaper's personal surfing experience is the most effective reference for the fine incremental development of cutting-edge surfboard design. Advancing board performance has always been the priority over commercial production at Shuler Surfboards. Throughout the history of Shuler boards, elements of our innovations are regularly seen later in the work of other manufacturers, sometimes many months if not years later.

Personalizing custom board design to meet surfers' performance objectives remains our specialty at Shuler Surfboards, where over forty years of research and development has culminated in the superior strength and ultra-lightweight of our leading quality custom epoxy surfboards.