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Shuler Hybrids

This design series is characterized by a strong influence of short board style surfing performance combined with generous paddling comfort and wave catching ease. These boards require very little wave power or surfing skill to enjoy dynamic speed and responsive turns in a broad variety of surf from small-mushy to hollow-overhead.

Even though these Hybrids are fast and so responsive, they are also very forgiving and user friendly. They are great as all around boards for surfers who can't surf often and must be less selective about wave conditions, or for those surfers who are just developing shorter board skills.


The Hawk is the hybrid most closely related to our short boards. Its primary distinctions are its increased width for small, less powerful surf and depending on the surfer or waves, it may be longer as well.


The Eagle hybrid is designed to be more accommodating in both weaker and medium sized surf. It's great paddling capability allows infrequent surfers to score high wave counts in bigger surf.


The Pelican is a great wave hog and skill builder for the enthusiastic but infrequent surfer.

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