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Shuler Shortboards

Innovation in cutting edge design has always been Shuler's forte. These designs characterize what the pros may ride... in a year or few. Highly detailed attention to the integration of concaves, rocker and fins keeps these designs out of reach of the surfboard industry's focus of profit oriented mass production.

Shuler has always been intent on translating the "magic" of outstanding surfboard performance into comprehensive, measurable and repeatable designs. For this, astute attention to the complex relationship of design features is absolutely necessary. These models are only a summarized overview of the design continuum of Shuler custom epoxy shortboards.

Shuler Fin Options

Shuler shortboard designs are customizable to various fin configurations, all of which follow critical guidelines of compatibility. The board model numbers denote the optimal wave size for that board design and its most suitable Shuler fin design options.

*The original Shuler Five Fin was developed in 1983 (see gallery) and has continued to evolve along with the most modern board design. The Shuler Five Fin uses its own fine mix of fin size, shape and placement to enhance speed, maneuverability and control in a broader range of conditions than typical of a quad.

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