2011------------------------------------------------custom epoxy surfboards


Shuler Summer Saucers


Shuler developed the original Summer Saucer model for some of his favorite Huntington Beach surf buddies around 1972 (especially Lance and Mike). In fact, after all the boards those guys have had through the years, they still want more Summer Saucers!

Shuler isn't one to leave well enough alone, and so he's been developing modern interpretations of those original favorites to the response of unanimous praise. What’s come out of that work is a series of Summer Saucer models. These boards are a blast in everything from knee high mush to overhead bombs! Shortboard-like maneuverability combines with midsize board-like paddling ease to dominate the line up with the most fun! On top of all that, the Summer Saucers noseride great!

The first new Summer Saucer release is the Cosmo. Lately, Shuler and his daughter have been fighting over who gets to ride the family Cosmo. The catch is, whenever Shuler has time to make his own, he'd rather grab the ready made Cosmo and hit the surf. Its a board you can take to the beach on a whim, without a surf report, and have a great session regardless.



Cosmo Saucer

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