2011------------------------------------------------custom epoxy surfboards


Custom Surfboard Design and Selection

A surfer's ongoing search for a better board has always been part of the adventure in surfing. At Shuler Boards, we have been fascinated with the evolving science of surfboard performance for over 45 years. Even though surfboard design is now so greatly improved and specialized, one principle is more prominent than ever; a surfboard is only as good as its suitability for the surfer riding it and the kind of surf to be ridden. We take great satisfaction in helping surfers achieve new heights in their surfing by taking into account their needs and objectives and building them an ideally personalized design and size of board. Whether we help you select a board from the readily available inventory of our shop and dealerships, or custom design and build your board, we assure you a board that you are thrilled with. Here are just a few of our most popular epoxy board designs that may help customize your next surfing adventure.



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